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Wax Melt
Wax Melt

Wax Melt

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Hand poured in small batches, these are 100% Soy Wax Melt infused with clean scents. Each box has 12 squares of wax, use one or more when you use them in your warmer, they will release a scent for hours. Or want to be creative mix scents to create your own scent.

No naked flame to worry about. 

Citrus Fusion - is a combination of orange, grapefruit and lemon. A fresh scent you will want in every room.

Desert Lavender - a mixture of lavender, rosemary and sage. Perfect for relaxation.

Fraser Fir - this is our signature scent. Has the aroma of the fir tree, cedar  and an undertone of amber.

Eucalyptus and Peppermint - is a fresh spa like scent with sweet peppermint and earthy eucalyptus. 

Fresh Fig - one of our best sellers, hint of citrus and an undertone of patchouli.

Grapefruit Fir - a subtle combination of grapefruit and our signature Fraser Fir.

Lemon Zest - a combination of lemon and limes.

Honeysuckle - a powerful aroma of the beautiful honeysuckle and jasmine plants.

Ocean Flowers - sea salt highlights with an added note of jasmine, lily of the valley and tonka bean.

Pomegranate - has an amazing mix of red fruits, citrus and hint of cedar.

Peony - a fresh, soft floral scent with a calming and uplifting quality.

Rose Lily - a beautiful delicate scent of the wild rose mixed with lily .

White Gardenia - a combination of gardenia, lemon and hint of jasmine.

Wild Country Flowers - a subtle floral fragrance combining lily of the valley, lily, jasmine and rose